What's next?

Amaris reserves the right to cancel at any time and without warning a feature in this list.

New features and improvements

2.0.0 → 2.1.0
New components

  • PDF component.
  • Video component.
  • Carrousel component (vertical, horizontal).
  • Text area component
  • Password field component
New placeholders

  • Local IP address
  • Network connection

  • Monitor DMG installation.
  • Microsoft Intune and MobileIron monitoring.
  • Monitoring progress bar.
New actions PRO

  • Terminate application action
  • Change Octory window action
  • Password reset action
  • Copy to clipboard action
  • Trigger notification action

  • Spacer component: specify a percentage height.
  • Container: specify a percentage width
  • Configuration default values for several required keys.
  • Web component: navigation buttons


2.1.0 → 2.2.0
Octory Editor PRO

  • Native editor for Octory configuration files.
  • Easily build a new configuration from scratch.
  • Dynamic documentation when editing.
  • Reload Octory interface from the Editor.
  • Build an Octory package to upload to your MDM.

  • Sidebar a container PRO
  • Selfie component.
  • QR code reader component.
  • Configuration file localization. PRO