As Octory is highly customizable, it requires an easy workflow to be configured. You do not have to relaunch the application to watch for your changes. If you modify a component or change a color, simply reload the interface with the Admin menu bar or enter the shortcut ⌘R. Other shortcuts can be used to get different results, like simulating an enrolment with packages installation.


Materials are provided for uploading an Octory package to your MDM and starting the application as soon as it is installed. You can use them to deploy Octory before (with a bootstrap package) or after the user has logged in. A step by step procedure is detailed in the upcoming tutorials section.


Those videos show you a classic Octory configuration workflow.

Style customization

Get live update on your modifications simply by reloading Octory interface.

Quickly create forms

Octory fully adapts to macOS dark and light modes. For custom colors and images, it is up to you to provide the materials.

Push new configuration files on a device

You can push a custom profile with your MDM on a device and ask Octory to use it as a new configuration. Note that the popover displayed from the info button is part of Octory Pro.